Appraisal Services in Rochester, Michigan

Ethos Real Estate offers a variety of valuation services including appraisal services, appraisal review, and consulting. We cover Oakland County, Michigan for residential appraisals and all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin for commercial appraisals. Our specialties include ad valorem (property tax) appeals, senior care facilities, resorts, and historic preservation and conservation easements.

Our appraisers hold the highest license levels, and feature the highest credentials in the industry including the coveted MAI, SRA, ASA and FRICS designations. Our experience and credentials are unsurpassed in our market, we are the only option when you need the best.


If you are in need of an appraisal related service that is not listed below or if you are looking for an expert witness for testimony, please call us at (248) 284-4353 to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

Commercial/Narrative Appraisals:

Narrative appraisals are generally used for transactions involving commercial property and are in expanded format. The approaches to value in a commercial report can vary with the type of property being appraised and the report is provided as a narrative paper explaining in depth the reasoning, methods, and analysis involved in the appraisal as well as all conclusions and an estimate of value.

Conventional Appraisals:

The most common type of residential report involving an interior and exterior inspection and on a standard URAR (1004 Form). These are ordered through your lender in the form of a written appraisal request.

FHA Appraisals:

A more thorough inspection and reporting requirements on a URAR (1004 Form) and utilizing additional addenda required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Personal Valuation Appraisals:

Residential, land, and commercial appraisals for personal valuation purposes are available in several different methods and reporting options.

Divorce, Litigation, and Estate Appraisals:

Performed for attorneys, these types of appraisals can take several forms depending on the type of property and the reason needed.

Relocation Appraisals:

Used in corporate relocations, these appraisals generally focus more on valuation for marketing purposes and show deep market analysis within the report.

2055 Drive-By/Exterior Appraisals:

An appraisal that is limited to an exterior-only examination of a property and public records and performed on a shorter form. Typically used in loan transactions with a very low loan to value ratio or for bank portfolio valuation purposes to make a determination that the property is actually there and has no obvious defects or damage visible from the outside..

Requests can be sent via email to Appraisal fees may be paid with cash or check only, unfortunately we can not accept credit cards at this time. Some orders may require payment at or before the inspection appointment. For more information, please call (248) 284-4353.