Rochester and Rochester Hills Utilities

Much importance is given to the presence of utility facilities, especially for homeowners. Rochester boasts plenty of readily accessible utility offices within the community. For future Rochester, Michigan residents, this guide helps reference it to check out utility companies within the region.

Water and sewer department:

The City of Rochester has two separate Water and Sewer Departments, half of which are served by the City of Detroit. The City’s new water structure may make it beneficial for new homeowners to install an additional irrigation meter in your home which will deduct the water you may be used to irrigate your lawns and was your car. This process allows you to save up because this water does not enter the sanitary sewer system, the amount used will be deducted from your sewer bill

The DTE Energy:

The DTE Energy is a Detroit-based diversified energy company which develops and manages energy-related services throughout the nation As one of Michigan’s leading corporate giants, they provide electric utility services to about 1.3 million customers in the area. They are focused on maintaining sustainable power, natural gas pipelines, and gathering and storing energy for future use.

Utility Emergencies of Rochester, Michigan

Cities must always prepare for calamities. Good thing for Rochester, Michigan, their Utility Emergencies assists numerous government offices. From the Department of Public Works, snow emergency, flooding, and water pollution should be reported to them. Their Fire Department will aide you with smoke alarms, home, and vehicle fire safety. Additionally, utility safety like the electrical and power line are also accounted for.